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I went to some website because i was bored so yay for me....this is wat all my quiz results were...

Flirting Skill Level - 30%->hmm......lol
Kissing Skill Level - 66%-->woot woot! not bad!
Cudding Skill Level - 96%--->Wat i do best =)
Sex Skill Level - 24%----> I'm only 15 sheesh...

Why They Love You: You can do amazing things with your tongue.
Why They Hate You: You won't take your socks off.<---WOW! SOOO TRUE!!

You will die: In a drive-by
At age: 44 =( damn drivers who cant drive!!

What type of princess am i?!
*Type: spicy-->wahoo!
**How many servants: 450579769, yikes!
***Subject loyalty - 88% - W/E that means..lol

OMG..i was listening to HOT 99.5 and they said to go to www.postsecret.blogspot.com so i did it is about people and their secrets they've never told anyone...its realli weird but ya'll shud check it out...

Enough of that stuff....today im happy...thats all i gotta say bout that...but anyways tommorow i get my wisdom teeth out..ima kill myself...lol...boo hoo

heyy heyy

eww...gross...i just ran a mile...woot woot! uhgg...guys...rrr....anyways, i just ran off fat then gained all back plus more b/c i ate 3 peices of pizza...mmmhmm...ok bye
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What a great pick up line...Hi will you help me find my lost puppy? I think he went into this cheap hotel room across the street.---> Thats mine from blogthings.com....haha anyways im listen to musica and im realli bored i want to go to pot falls game tonite to see my old friend...but i need sum 1 to go with...i have to peee too...NE way...lol meGgO that was soo so so funni in the hall today and that guy was like okay i wudnt want you to be late for your exam...so we started running...lol
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i'm in mah gourmet foods exam and i have an hour left....its cool....but ima show kelly sumphing...Kelly is all amazed on how i wrote in my journal wat a doof...lol

P.S. REMEMBER THE PENNY from my dad being weird...lol kelli
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I went snowboarding with Timmay, Kelly, and Chad.....lol..it was soo much funn, except for when i couldnt get my board on and Tim was like come on! and i felt like a retard, but then i felt better when we got off the lift and because my snowboard was on right i didnt fall but Tim did because his WAS on wrong...lol i can't remember that one thing i said to kelly on the lift but it was ssoooo funny...but wen we were on the lift Tim tried to get his tongue stuch to the pole....i wuda laughed so hard if it realli got stuck, but it didnt...ohhp then kellys mom did like a front flip on skies, it was funny but i bet it hurt like a bitch...hhaha...then there was Chad...it was his first time snowboarding and it was hilarious....he wud just go straight and before he would bang into sumthin he would fall on his butt...but yeah...at like 4 or whatever we were all on the lift and sumone right in front of me had fallen off the lift and i SO cud not dodge them so i push Tim outta the way and next thing i know i'm laying across Chad laughing my butt off because Chad decided to fall flat in front of me....lol....finally we went home and i fell asleep on Tim...it was great because i realli did fall asleep....and when Tim was like okay get up i just laid there...finally i got up and i was like sleep walkin till i got outta the car and the cold hit me realli hard...haha i was awake after that! And wen we got inside i heard like a scream, so ran to it and it was my mommy...she got a new car...i was suppose to get a car...but since my sister wanted it, she of course got it...rrrr...i was only mad because my dad got me all excited about it, but now i get a price limit and i get to choose my own car so its all good...ewwww...theres some realli weird noise outside my room...sounds like bird...i unno anyways, bout to leave...toodles there it goes again...so weird mkk ima go find out wat that thing is...sounds like a mating call..lol ~bye bye~
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I am so muddy!! lol...amber....i love you! i say to amber: let's get muddy! Amber says: okay ... and then we're both like:1 2 3 ahhhhhhh.....me and amber sliding in mud...haha that was soo funni!! oh and then tim schools me about 100 times and finally i get my cleats on to school him and .... he's too tired...wat a coincidence! lol- he doesnt wanna be beat by a girl...jk jp YuP! then chad trying to play soccer....and actually he was pretty good! ThEn theres kelly...lol....so funni...kelly says i can throw the ball farther than you tim....im just gunna stop there...lol kelly! So anyways i am realli muddy and i was like i am going to change, so i randomly dropped my stuff and changed behind some trash thing....yup then finally we're all gettin dropped off by tim and his car starts to run outta gas after we drop chad off....so we let amber out on the side of the road to hitch-hike home then me and kelly start laughing sooo hard becuz Tims like i'll just push it if it breaks down...finally we get to the freakin gas station and all of the things are taken so we wait and finally timmay gets gas...but yea....such a funni nite...anyways i am going to get an english book from chadly...hopefully i dont break down...lol...mk

P.S Me and Tim know EVERYTHING! Tim may know more...haha
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I am ReAlLi tIrEd bUt i HaVe tOo mUcH hOmEwOrK tO dO sO i WiLl bE uP vEry lAte ToNiTE =( oye! i have an english project! and i am still thinking about getting up early to run....hmmm....well i got new mechanical PENCILS today with erasers from my sister and i found tons of paper in my locker....don tell me why that makes me happy....it just does, but anyways im tired and its 11:08 so ima try and read some shit before i fall asleep....and i still have to brush my crudy teeth and wash my face...so later dudes ... lovies...copyright meggo!
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DoInG cRaP lIkE HoMeWoRk... but anyways...i wanna thank tiff for pimpin my profile...dont it look soo sexi...THANK YOU TiFf!! yup bout to go do home work and listen to music, then talk to timmay...lata...*see YA when I see YA*
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Me and My Sister

Me and my sister are acting retarded...haha....she said that i snorted and it sounded like i swallowed my nose..what a weirdo....yup i've been busy tonite...babysat, went to tims, came 'home' from TiMmAys, then chilled with my sister, and now its 2:21 and i am bored shitless....because who is online at that time? Only rejects....like me....look it's 2:22...im listening to music..EmineM...i shud go to bed now though because i am going to a party tommorow errr....today i guess you cud say....anyways, fallin asleep so i'm about to snud like a bug and chill in my bed....but i'm kinda scared because of that new movie...White Noise...about ghosts and like them saying stufff...okay now i'm scared..realli scared...ima go sleep in my sisters room...hey look at that, im right next to a window...PeRfEcT... AHHHHHH
AlWaYs A GoOd NiTe Pz oUt ************************************************* 143! You KnOw wHo YoU ArE! ________________________________________________
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Chillen in the library

Just chillen @ skool...i hate skool...Have to go to history next, where im bout to write 500 notes BUT whatever...In the library with JACKIE and meggo! meghan is copying me but its okay.....
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